DevOps An Exciting World For Quality Professionals

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DevOps is an upcoming buzzword in the IT industry which is a combination of two English words – Development and Operations. Though the DevOps concept is more than a decade old, it has attracted a lot of eyeballs towards it nowadays. As the name states, DevOps works towards a smooth relationship between software development and IT operation team. Simply put, it is an IT process that focuses on continuous communication among software developers, quality professionals and IT operations to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of the end software.

In today’s time, the customers expect uninterrupted service and responses at lightning speed. This adds to the pressure on the developers to constantly update software. The backend is given very little time to understand, write, test and implement and there is almost no scope for failure. This is where DevOps fits it. It allows organizations to create, improve products and innovate at a faster pace.

How Is DevOps testing penetrating in an IT industry?

Since the first-time DevOps was introduced decade back, it has come a long way. Despite having the list of benefits within its framework, the industry took its time to embrace it. Team Dev and Team Ops work side by side along with Team testing to create a smarter application has changed the rules of software development. With Agile development focusing on only developing software in short sprints DevOps has broadened and encompassed the cross-functional team of operations too. The success of DevOps has truly been on its adoption by industry and over the last decade, there has been significant proof of that!

Below chart shows the adoption of DevOps testing in comparison with the one of the simplest form of delivery module Agile testing over the last 5 years. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. DevOps took its time to create a strong and robust foundation. Now, its just a matter of time that DevOps takes over Agile testing and becomes an inevitable part of our daily ritual.

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Challenges for QA In DevOps testing

One of the most important challenges for the QA profession in DevOps is to accept the new and evolving work culture of collaboration with new vertical of business i.e. operation. There are an additional role and responsibility falling on the tester to communicate with developers and operations.  Further, the QA team is responsible to facilitate the quality of the software by understanding the expectation and working of the business for the system being verified. This requires the QA team to be included in initial discussions with business owners and product developers and understand from the beginning of the expectations of software. Such a non-existent practice will take its time to be accepted and perfected!

Exciting Opportunities for QA ahead

Having said that, DevOps is still good news for QA! It brings with it a pool of opportunities to display cross-functional excellence. QA was earlier responsible for finding faults in the software but with new organizational restructuring caused by DevOps their role will now be to eliminate the occurrence of errors in the first place. In a future of automation testing where speed and efficiency will be of outmost importance, QAs will be more involved in the software development life cycle rather than only testing. With a bigger role on their platter, we can expect a new generation of proactive testers who would have a higher stake, more ownership and increased commitment in the exciting DevOps days ahead of us!

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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