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In a previous post, we have seen the flow of defect within the defect life cycle. Stages shown in the flow are standard stages, certainly no organization uses only mentioned stages. Everyone has the freedom to update defect flow and add their own stages according to their requirement. Here I am trying to put all possible defect life cycle stages. You can consider these stages in your defect cycle.

New : Defect is new and reported in defect management tool with this status.

Open/Assigned : The reported defect is validated by the lead or manager. If it is valid, then it is assign to the respective development team or developer.

Fixed : Once the developer has worked on that defect, the developer will change the status of the defect from assigned to fixed.

Rejected : If the reported defect is not valid, then lead has the option to reject the defect.

Retest : After fixation lead may assign the new status to the defect with Retest.

Retest Complete : After completion of retest by the tester. The tester can assign the new status to the defect called as Retest Complete.

Retest Failed : If the fixed provided by the developer is not working tester end, the tester can assign Retest Failed status for the defect.

Retest Passed : If the fixed provided by the developer is working as per requirement, the tester can assign Retest Passed status for the defect.

Closed : Once defect receives the status of “Retest Pass”, lead can move that defect to closed status.

Deferred : If the team decides the defect can be fixed in future. Status of defect must be deferred.

Duplicate : If the same defect is available in the defect management tool, then lead has the chance to move that defect as a Duplicate defect. But while making this status lead must consciously provide the defect id of the original defect. So that in future it would be easy for any team member to go through the solution.

Reopened : Ops! This is the status which like by testers and developers hate this. If the defect is reproducible in even after fix provided by the developer, we need to reopen that defect.

Tested in X Environment : During the development process we may need to verify the same defect in the various environment like Development environment, test environment, Production environment. The environment varies as per the need by the development team.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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