Business Requirement Process

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Whats is Business Requirement process and why it is important?

1. Define Stakeholders
Primary and important phase of business requirement process. Learn as much as possible about your Client / Customer / Stakeholders / User. You should be aware of who is a decision maker and got the right authority to change the things. Knowing the final user of the system will help you to understand ultimate user of project you are developing.

2. Capture Their Expectations
List out all the exhaustive requirement at one place so that you get the clear picture of a project. For doing this, it is recommended to take the interviews of stakeholder with well-prepared questioners. At the end of this phase develop a prototype of the project so that stakeholder will come to know what they will get as an end result.

3. Categorize Their Expectations
The exhaustive list developed in the previous phase need to classify with different categories in order to avoid confusion. The functional requirement, operation requirement, technical requirement and non-functional requirement.

4. Interprets Clients Expectations And Create Requirement
In order to understand the client requirement, you need to take the deep dive in it. During this phase, you will come to know whether compiled list of a requirement is enough to develop the project or not. Feasibility, contradictions, ambiguity in requirement need to filter out at this phase. Create the final list of requirement which is feasible, concise, unambiguous and relevant

5. Approved With Tthe Stakeholders
The final call is with stakeholder. Present the final list of a requirement in front of client take the final review. Create a single document which includes the everything we mentioned in all phase of business analysis and take the signed by the stakeholders. This document will assist each and everyone involved in project development.

Efficiently processed business requirement analysis will help you to identify what client want from you and how you can deliver it. At the end of this process, there would be less chance of failure of a project.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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