Business Requirement in SDLC

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Well, now we have come very far in the testing process and we have seen many posts covering each and every aspect of testing. Now it’s time to collect all understanding you have received while reading the post at one place and start working on the actual project.

Now try to recollect any software development life cycle, you will realize every software development of life cycle starts with the business requirement phase. In other words, business requirement is the first step in any SDLC. In this post, we will try to learn everything about the Business requirement. I have collected few questions which popups in fresher’s mind while dealing with business requirement phase in SDLC.

  • Types of Requirement document.
  • What is Business Requirement testing?
  • How to test Business Requirement?
  • Business Requirement testing methods.

I hope I have helped you in the understanding of Business Requirement phase of software development life cycle using post linked with above links. After going through all the above links, you would be able to understand in and out of the business requirement. As far as testing concern this post is more than enough to understand the role of the requirement in testing.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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