What Is Domain Name In Website?

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If you see around you, business without website is not possible, at least on earth. If it exists, then they don’t want to move ahead with the time. We have seen many examples, where if business does not move ahead with time then our customers will kick us back. One the best example is from mobile manufacturing industry. They failed to predict the future and now they are struggling for their presence in mobile handset industry. I don’t require to name the company and if you got it correct then you understand my point.

But looks like you want to move ahead with time and book a website domain, it makes me happy. At least some one want to take next step in their respective business or want to be a future ready individual. I strongly feel, in coming days no one will share their career profile in doc files. Every individual will have their own portfolio on web with domain of their name.

In this blog post, I will let you know how to book domain online. But I think before going through the procedure, I should add some more information about online domain. It will be helpful for the new readers and new to world wide web.

What is Domain ?

Website domain is just a name of your website, it remains unique for your website. No one else can book same domain again. If you decided not to renew the domain and it expires, then after some day any one can book it again.

How to check Domain availability ?

Visit this site now and search for the  domain you want to book. If the domain is available then website will show you the price. If the domain is already booked by someone else then website will not provide you the option for buying it. But some better alternative will be listed below. SO you can book any domain from the alternative with better price.

Who manages Domain?

US based agency called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the architecture of the Internet domain name space. GoDaddy, Bigrock or any other website which sells domain online for website are just a mediator.

What are the different type of Domains?

As such there are no types of domain, there are just different TLD’s available in market. TLD meaning  Top Level Domain. For  example .com, .net, .biz, . org, .army , .gov are called as top level domain. And domain which ends with .co.in, .br, .ca, .au are ccTLD (country specific top level domain)

Following image will help you to understand it in better way.

What is the cost for domain?

It’s bit difficult to answer this question; the price of domain is based on the demand. As I mentioned it is it remains unique, so demand decides its price. It may start from cents to hundreds of dollars. In INR, it may start from 99 rupees to lacs of rupees.

What is validity of domain?

Once you book a domain online, it becomes your till it expires. And expiry depending on your registration tenure. You can book a domain for couple of years.

For how long I should book a domain?

It is based on your business need, for how long you want to keep it. But if you are long run player then I would suggest to book it for its maximum limit.

I don’t have website, should I book a domain?

Yes, even if something is going in your mind. You should book a domain first and later you can think of developing a website.

Do I need to buy Hosting with Domain?

Not necessary, but if you want to launch your website immediately then Yes.

What is difference between Domain and Hosting?

Buying only domain will not solve your purpose of having website. Domain is the address of website or name of website. Website can be identify using domain. Hosting is the place on which the website is developed.

Getting confuse?

Consider you want to develop shopping complex, for this you need to have parcel of land to build the complex and once it is build, you will give some name to that newly build complex so people can identify the complex using its name. Right?

In same way website is your commercial complex and to develop it you need land parcel which is hosting. Once website is developed then you can give name to it and that is domain.

I tried to solve some important and simple questions may arise in your mind while buying online website domain.

Lets start with domain booking process.

Visit Bluehost domain booking website. I prefer this website because it quite user friendly and its one time activity. Then why should we spend more time on learning difficult website?

Now put the domain name you want to book and click search.

If your domain is available for booking then it will be available on top. Otherwise you will get list of all available domain related to your search. You can book any one of it. Remember one thing, popular domains are either expensive or already booked. So do not try to spend time on searching for popular words.

Now select the domain name available from the list or modify your search. You will get green button in front of domain name. Click on it. It will add your domain in cart.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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