How to become a Blogger and make Money online?

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You might be surprised to know, that you are just a step away from making money online. Yes, it is true. The reason I am saying this is because at least you are aware of this fact, that anyone can make money from blogging. Well begun is half done, we know it. Whatever information or knowledge or understanding or thoughts or ideas you have with you is good enough at this point. Hereafter, allow us to help you to put it in practice.  

I personally feel anyone can be a blogger and make money out of it. Believe me, being a blogger is one of the best things which anyone can do in your life. I am glad you have started your blogging journey with Learnersity. So let’s start building a world-class blog now!!!

Get to know more about Blogging Ideas for Making Money online

Think of great Idea and create a super informative blog of 1000 words around it – Should take 2 Days. Use word file for writing a blog post. So you can come back and make changes as per your thought. It happens because we think on that blog post a lot and then we get to know more examples and working to put across.

Create a free or paid online blog. Visit our existing blog post on How to create a free blog online? or How to create paid online blog? Remember we will be using the WordPress content management system to create a free or paid blog. The reason is obvious. It’s simple, easy to understand, best platform for beginners, available in free as well as paid way. Extraordinary support by WordPress community.

Get to know more about Making Money Online from Blogging

Publish our 1st blog post immediately. Do not spend more time on formatting a single post and make it perfect. No one can write a perfect content, every blog post has a scope of improvement. Even though blogger who has spent his entire life in writing a blog, still we can’t say he pursues perfect writing skills. There is no benchmark for writing an informative blog. So, whatever you have written just go live with it then correct yourself in the next blog post. If you are spending time to make your first blog post a best one, then forget about publishing it. You will never publish it, it’s my guarantee. You will keep editing it again and again and that day will never come in your life when you publish your first blog post.

Do not worry about what my reader/friends/visitors will say about my English and knowledge. Will they challenge your knowledge? Will they criticise me? Will my blog post will be liked by visitors? Fact is no one will get to know about your blog. You have just published a single blog post in the ocean of the internet.

Know you must be wondering if no one knows about my blog then how I can get Money? Wait, eating a hot pizza will always harm you.

You will keep updating your blog with a couple of new posts every week. Remember one thing while adding new blogs posts in your blog. You should always add some value in readers knowledge because that is when visitors will visit your blog again and again. Do not think about earning while writing the content. You will be earning a lot, trust me if you add to increase the knowledge level of readers.

After some weeks your blog will be loaded with 100’s of blog posts and now its time to do some SEO and SMO for your blog posts. If you have already read our blog on “ Basics of Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog “  and “ Social Media Optimization for WordPress Blog “ then you can do it simultaneously while writing the blog.

Bloggers Journey

  • 100 Blog post – Done
  • On Page SEO – Done
  • Off Page SEO – Done
  • Google Analytics Activated? – Yes
  • Getting targeted visitors? – Yes
  • Readers spending more time on your blog? – Yes
  • Readers are sharing your blog on social platform? – Yes

*  Steps are not mandatory for earning, but recommended one.

Now its time for Action. I have listed couple of website which are interested in keeping their advertisement on your blog. Yes they are interest in your blog, if you have fulfilled their terms and conditions. So just visit all these sites once and check their terms and conditions. If you like any one of them then go with it and get the advertisement from that network. You can also club two or more advertisement network, if they are compatible with each other.

  • Google AdSence
  • PropellerAds Media
  • RevContent
  • PopAds
  • Adsterra
  • Infolinks
  • PopCash
  • Chitika

Once advertisement network is approved your site and started placing their ads on your blog then your earning counter has initiated.

How to increase the online earning from blog?

Just increase the valuable content. Do SEO and SMO. Get the more visitors. Advertisement network will increase their impression and you will get more money. Hope you have understood the process.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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